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Order straight from your smartphone using the Zingme app
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How to order

iOS and Android:

  1. Search Zingme on your smartphones app store to install
    or use the below links:
    Download Zingme on the App StoreDownload Zingme on Google Play
  2. Open the Zingme app and create an account
  3. Set up a payment method with Visa, MasterCard or PayPal
  4. From the Order tab, select Little Bean Bambini to place your order



  • Are prices the same when using the app?
  • Can I still use a loyalty card?
    Yes, your loyalty card is stored digitally and is automatically stamped each time you order.


Zingme app help

If you need a little help, feel free to chat to us in-store.

For technical help, or to provide your feedback directly to the great team at Zingme: